Sexist Racist Nazis

I’m a little shocked at the election outcome. Not who won so much, but rather the reaction of people who think of themselves as progressives or liberals. These are people I know. I went to school with them. I worked with them. They ARE educated. They are capable of rational critical thought – I have seen it in action.

These same people, that justifiably promote tolerance and diversity, have shown themselves to be amazingly intolerant of diverse opinions.  They instantly labeled 60 million of their fellow citizens as sexist racists Nazis.

Really? Sixty million Nazis in America?

Did these sixty million vote for the caricature of Trump that the media created or did they vote against policies that have failed them miserably for the past eight years? Perhaps these voters wanted an economic policy focused on growth so that they could get a better job. Perhaps they wanted their kids to have access to better public schools. Perhaps they voted against someone who has demonstrated her inability to be truthful for decades. Perhaps they voted against the wikileaks-documented corruption of the democrats and the rest of the Washington elite.

These are people who just want to have a job, raise their families in a culture that will tolerate them, where they can feel comfortable and accepted. Lately they have been dismissed and denigrated. They are “deplorable”. They voted against the democrats because they are not willing to concede that they are deplorable. They believe they are the salt of the earth.

And, not surprisingly, many of them voted for Obama four years ago.

Is this a possible explanation for the election results?

Nope. They are all sexist racist Nazis.

Trump’s most powerful lines with these voters: “Make America Great Again” and “I will never lie to you.”

Oddly, after eight years of “Hope and Change” from the Obama administration, people voted for change, hoping for a better future.

So the next time you bring your car in for a new set of tires, or pick up your clothes at the dry cleaners or watch the guy empting your trash barrels, or see some soldiers at the airport, do not forget, according to progressive dogma, you are suppose to believe these people are sexist racist Nazis.

Good luck with that.