How Much Can Change in Two Years?

How Much Can Change in Two Years?

When I was a young man I read Richard Henry Dana’s Two Years Before the Mast. Two years seemed like enough time to change everything. It has been two years since my last commentary. But it seems like nothing has changed. Barack Obama is President, the economy is still mired in a failed recovery, the rancor in Washington has not abated, interest rates are zero and the Fed continues to sit on an ever-growing pile of assets.

I feel good that I did not miss anything while luxuriating in academia and pursuing a research project in the Rwandan agriculture sector.

After frequent encouragement from many of you and finding a sponsor, I have decided to take up the weekly challenge of staring at a blank screen with a deadline breathing down my neck.

Most importantly I look forward to once again hearing from the most creative and knowledgeable audience anywhere.

Jim Anderson